Shift the Balance of Success in Your Favour

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Selling or buying ranks amongst the most stressful experiences in the average family’s life and so therefore, the more you know, the more you understand the process, the more in control you will feel and the more pleasant will be the experience.

Over the years of marketing and facilitating the purchase of real estate, Doug has found one thing to be paramount “I have to understand your goals or I can’t help you get what you want.”

To me, there is no greater satisfaction than successfully marketing your home or helping you find the home of your dreams – remuneration is secondary.

Knowledge, Patience, and Understanding combined with a reputation for honest, straight forward dealings are the hallmarks of Doug’s multi award winning real estate practice. “Success is never something I take for granted. I am always striving to do better, and to enhance my service capability. Doug is energetic and works extremely hard to ensure the highest level of professionalism and an enjoyable adventure for all.”

“As your representative, I will be compensated by commissions earned only after the sale or purchase has been completed to your satisfaction.” There are very few professionals you can hire without the payment of a non-transferable retainer. Doug won’t ask you for up front fees rather, Doug wants to enter into a partnership with you, this offer includes a comprehensive written sale or buying plan, full accountability, and exceptional service ensuring that you anr your family reach your real estate goals with the least stress possible.

“The single largest asset the average family has is your home and when it’s time to sell or buy, you owe it to yourself to hire the very best…a full-time, positive thinking professional.” Doug is that individual and wants to earn the right to represent you. “Working together your dream will come true – the adventure starts with your no cost, no obligation call and like so many others, I am confident you will be glad you did.”

From Homes & Land Niagara Region (Volume 2 – Issue 7, Page 16)