Doug Rempel

An Exciting Place to Call Home

The fabric of Niagara is found in families whose roots are traced back to the very beginnings of Canadian history; in new immigrant families who like many before them have chosen one of Niagara Region’s twelve communities as their new home; and to many more whose weekend and holiday homes dot our landscape.

Culturally, Niagara is home to the world famous Shaw Festival, The Sean O’Sulivan Theatre, Niagara Symphony Orchestra, Music Niagara Festival, and community based performing arts organizations. You will find museums, galleries, studios, and workshops and if gardening is your passion, Niagara’s micro-climate offers a longer growing season and its numerous nurseries and horticultural clubs will ensure a stage for your green thumb’s magic.

Region is a patchwork of farms, orchards and thousands of acres of vineyards which supply world renowned producers and support a vibrant agritourism sector. It is home to Brock University and Niagara College, state-of-the-art support facilities and year-round tourism. It is a labyrinth of nature paths, hiking trails and recreational waterways – Life in Niagara is rich and invigorating.

Steeped in history, enhanced by its location, enriched by its residence, you never really own Niagara but you can participate as a caretaker of one of Canada’s jewels. There has never been a better time to call Niagara home and we are proud to welcome you and to introduce you to its diversified lifestyle.