Full Service Real Estate is Here to Stay…Here’s Why!

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A recent article in Canadian Business Magazine said this, “Travel Agents and Stockbrokers are nearly obsolete thanks to the Internet . . . are Real Estate Agents next?” The article was daunting and might have some believing that REALTORs® are going the way of the dodo bird but here is what I know:

Buying and selling a home is nothing like buying or selling stocks or booking a holiday. Our home, 99% of the time, is our most valuable asset. It is where we live, raise our family, become friends with our neighbours, build a community, and create some of our most cherished memories.

If you are going to sell your most valuable asset, it makes logical sense that you would want to hire a highly qualified real estate professional who can:

  • Provide expert advice to maximise your home’s equity through proper pricing models, home staging concepts, and marketing strategies that create demand, increase showings, and expose your home to the largest number of qualified buyers;
  • Negotiate every detail on your behalf, in your best interest, to net the most money from the sale;
  • Qualify potential buyers before they come through your home and ensure that the buyers are escorted by a licensed real estate professional vs answering a call from a deal-seeking buyer calling a private For-Sale-by-Owner and then allowing a complete  stranger into your home;
  • Handle all the details and provide professional advice right up until closing;
  • Create peace of mind.

But talk is cheap and so my advice to you is to ask some very direct questions and expect some detailed answers. The following Five Questions should be on your “must ask” list:

  • What is your Marketing Plan for our home?
  • How often will our home be advertised and in which publications will the advertising be found?
  • May we see examples of recent advertising and in-home Feature Sheets?
  • Other than mounting our listing on MLS, Corporate, and my Personal Web Site, what is your Web Strategy for our home?
  • Will there be a written Marketing Plan and accountability to its implementation?