The Buyer Representative

Any Representative – can be friendly, have a nice smile and a good sense of humour. Any Representative can put you in their car and show you homes. The best can be identified by:

Ethical Conduct

  • This is the first and most important requirement for any service provider, and the most important to find. Without trust, any other service capabilities are meaningless.
  • The best Representatives possess a personal value system that translates into trustworthiness – they place their client’s interests above their own.

  • A Representative cannot share any information about you, your personal finances, or your motivations with anyone – including (especially) other Representatives without your express permission to do so. If loose lips sink ships, an unethical Representative can divulge – either purposely or thoughtlessly, information that can be leveraged in Buyer/Seller negotiations. This is a violation of your trust.

Local Knowledge

The best Representatives know their marketplace and community inside and out.

They are up-to-date on the inventory of homes for sale, selling prices, and market trends. They know and network with the best service providers – lawyers, lenders and inspectors – whose expertise you can rely upon.


There is no substitute for having been involved in enough transactions with Buyers and Sellers to have honed good skills. When it comes to advice, problem solving, and most importantly helping you make good decisions, you deserve the best.

Communication Skills

The best service professionals are good listeners. They ask questions focused on your needs. They make sure you have an understanding of the Buying/Selling process right from the beginning. They are quick to respond to your inquiries and will stay in frequent contact with you.